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Barbara Mitchem, DC, ACN

 Dr. Barbara Mitchem - Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractor   
Provider of quality Chiropractic care, Nutritional Analysis and Designed Clinical Nutrition

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Dr. Barbara Mitchem

Dr. Mitchem specializes in helping patients obtain and maintain optimal health through nutritional analysis, education and chiropractic care. 

She utilizes a form of analysis called System Strength Analysis, developed by Dr. Stuart White, and creates a Designed Clincial Nutrition program for each patient individually.

Vision and Mission Statement:
“Improving the quality of life, one patient at a time.” 

Family Chiropractic & Nutrition is devoted to improving the quality of life, one patient at a time.  We provide quality nutritional recommendations and products customized to the needs of each patient.

Dr. Mitchem evaluates and supports patients for functional illnesses, disease, and dysfunction due to nutritional deficiencies or imbalances.  We firmly believe the majority of disease and illness can be managed with proper nutrition through both diet and supplementation.  We provide whole food supplements, herbs and dietary advice and education to allow our patients to reach their full wellness potential.  Our patients trust us to treat them with care and respect, take accountability for our actions, always be truthful, and form a lasting healthcare relationship.  We are leaders in our community and the 'go to' office for all nutritional advice and resources.

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Family Chiropractic & Nutrition is located in Columbus, Texas – in the Four Oaks Professional Building across from the Columbus Hospital.


Dr. Barbara Mitchem graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1984 and practiced in Deer Park, TX for many years.  After moving to Columbus in 2006, she opened her current practice and is thoroughly enjoying life in a small town. 

Dr. Mitchem has studied nutrition during her entire career and has worked with Standard Process supplements throughout.  In 2010, she studied Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Freddie Ulan, and then studied System Strength Analysis with Dr. Stuart White.  She has attended several workshops and seminars on nutrition and has earned the Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification through Standard Process and Texas Chiropractic College.  The nutritional portion of the practice is continually expanding with excellent patient results.


The clinic presently has two staff members, Baiba Gruszecki, Patient Advocate, and Lynn Benton, Office Assistant.  

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